Am I doing it right? A little help with kerning in a logo

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Hi typohiles!

This is probably the first time I really have to get the kerning right in a logo. Im a web designer by trade and come from Iceland where everyone is pretty much a generalist. I would be very thankful if you nice people would help me make the kerning in this logo better.

My eye tells me this is close but I'm not too sure about the "ke" pair at the end. What do you guys think?

Thanks in advance.

Remake logo15.76 KB
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The "re" at the beginning looks a bit crampled.

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Thanks for the reply, update here:

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What do you mean by "generalist"?

BTW, you might interested in this:


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Generalist is someone who has a wide range of knowledge and skills, as opposed to a specialist. Its in part because we are so few and the companies small, we are forced to put on more hats that is required in other cultures.

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Overall too tight. The "ake" is way too tight. The "ct" is too loose. And "electric" is too light since it might might end up quite small sometimes.


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Agree with what others have posted, 're' is too tight, as is 'ak' in relation to 'ma'. For me, the 'ke' at the end is still a problem, it looks like you've set 'remake' quite tightly, but you might want to try it looser because the 'ke' being so tight just doesn't work, in my opinion.

Also agree that there might be a problem with 'electric' once you scale the logo down, as it will start to get very small. And the kerning between the c and t is a little loose at the moment. It looks a little like it says 'elec tric'.

Hope that helps, actually think it's not far from being a good logo.

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That is a weird looking letter k to be honest. It might look better without the extension that connects the body to the "arm" and "leg".

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I agree with hrant, the spacing in general is a bit too tight. When you reduce this to smaller sizes you may lose spacing between letters entirely.

I'd increase the space evenly in remake, and perhaps an extra pixel or two between "ak". On electric, the "t" should be nudged a bit to the left, and "ele" should be moved over a little bit (an extra pixel).

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