Font suggestions needed! Yay!

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Hello all.

I'm looking for a display face. Something probably similar to a normal roman text face, but with a bit of quirky personality. Or, something entirely different from a normal text face.

It is for the title page and cover of a novel. I was using Andreas Stötzner's Reinstaedt for a while, but the author wasn't going for it (this is for a self-publishing client). The title is three short words connected by hyphens, with a questions mark. For the sake of keeping the title off the web for the time being, I'll pretend it is:

The "novel" is really a collection of short stories about all sorts of different characters in different places discovering what they want their life's mission to be. In every case, though, this mission is something quirky, strange, trivial, or funny.

The text is set in Garamond Premier Pro. Throughout the book there are pages of simulated magazine cutouts in a smorgasbord of fonts. There is also a recurring "cut edge" motif, as if some pages were roughly cut with scissors, mirroring the "cutouts" from magazines.

So — any suggestions?


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If you want something like in your image, what about Sibyl?


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I think I may be looking for something similarly exuberant but based on contemporary forms instead of blackletter. Something perhaps a little more ordinary / contemporary but with the quirkiness I'm looking for.

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