Word and Image

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I'm in the process of defining a title for my final year dissertaion. Having been interested in the realationship between how typography and image in much of my work I have decided to research in this area.

I have my own thoughts as to how the study will be directed. However I would appreciate it if anyone had any thoughts on what could be included to produce an interesting piece on the subject.


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I'm in a time crunch, so I'll just jot some bullet-point ideas. I'm sure you've got most of this already, but here it goes:

- Concrete poets
- Bauhaus
- Dadaists
- Comics
- Maps
- Advertising

I realize these are very general, but they come to mind for me when you speak about word and image. Really, this relationship is one of the pillars of graphic design. Fundamentally, they all center around the mutability of words and images, the contrast of image and verbal communication/meaning, words as images, images as language, etc.

Also, for some weighty academic flourish, Jaques Derrida is probably someone that should at least be given a nod (particularly from the 'word' perspective). At least that's what I've heard...

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