Trying to identify fonts for logo

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I'm trying to recreate this logo because i only have a jpeg of it. Can anyone help me out, or identify the fonts i can use to recreate it? Thank you!

apts4saleLogo[1][1].JPG105.32 KB
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The sans is most likely this face, manually condensed on the top line and manually expanded on the bottom line...

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That's not Univers – looks like Helvetica to me (see the "a").
Not exactly sure which version/style this is (Nick's certainly right on it being squooshed) but you might try Neue Helvetica Heavy Condensed.

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is there anywhere i can get it for free?

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Wrong forum, please edit post and move to type ID section.

Also no offense but that logo is terrible. Instead of recreating it why not make something better?

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@pcjohnson6 – Neue Helvetica is payware, as are most Helveticas. Try taking Arial Black and narrowing it artifically.

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