Filemaker guru wanted!

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What filemaker gurus do we have here? Does anyone want to help us streamline our Typophile back-end database?

I need to know how to use Filemaker to parse text out of one field into multiple fields, as shown:

A field containing:

1. Jared Benson
3. Hello

Would parse into: (field names are shown in bracketts)

[Firstname] Jared
[Lastname] Benson
[Quote] hello

It would seem that there'd be a way to select text between "1." and "2." and then use the Copy/Paste scripts to paste into the appropriate field.

Any help?

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Clive Bruton?

Not 'CB', the semi-anonymous werewolf?

I thought he was just a legend.
Those medieval shepherdesses didn't die for nothing after all.


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It's pretty tricky, especially if all the entry isn't there as you have it, ie it goes:

1 Jared
2 Benson@...
3 hello


1 jared
3 hello

or if it's in a different order.

I would personally go down the route of creating a calc field, trying to delimit that data appropriately, then export it and import to a new database - perhaps use a relationship/lookup to populate fields in the old database.

FM's text processing is pretty poor, so don't bother yourself trying to script it to parse text.

You could try it via AppleScript, but I think the calc method would be better.

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To my limited knowledge, not possible, but via some apple scripts, export to txt, delete the 1. 2. 3., change tthem tab, then re-import, something like that.

Clive Bruton from FontZone is the right guy for any FM stuff, he manage FZ with FM.

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