Alternatives to Helvetica Neue Ultra Light

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Im designing a logo for a night club for a very difficult client that doesnt like to give me any sort of info on the thing im designing. Anyway, he basically wants it to be completely simple and ultra chic. I did a mock up for him doing a very simple mark and logotype (straight out of the can helvetica neue ultra light.. which he LOVES). I am wondering what other typefaces are out there that would give me that ultra modern look, with very very thin strokes. Thanks!

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Night Club set in Anisette

Night Club set in Anisette Petite

Night Club set in Parisine Clair

Night Club set in Parisine Plus Clair

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Even drunk I wouldn't replace Helvetica Neue Ultra Light with 'Politica'.

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But you'd have to be drunk to start with Helvetica! :-)
Unless this club happens to have a Barbarella theme.

Jason, before you choose a font, think of what it should look like. There are so many choices (many of them nominally good) that you can easily get distracted from a choice that will really click - so narrowing things down helps.

I would say you need something narrow, thin, but also somewhat rigid. And if it's lc, maybe something with a small x-height (unless visibility is a serious issue).

And the most important thing:
What's the name? Different glyphs sing in different ways, especially in chorus.


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Thanks, Ramiro. Much appreciated. It's good to know that you too are trying to help the original poster.

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I'm thinking he'll get happy about Chalet.

Send House some love. I think they are having a sale.

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Last year, Font Bureau added hairline/thin weights to Interstate:

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sorry about that, the name of the club is element

thanks for all the help guys... there are some great type choices i never knew exsisted here

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<font class="dontLookLikeCrap">what about precious sans? it has nice light and thin options.

typed 'element' out though and maybe the 'm' looks a little friendly, not chic enough? who knows!

pity it's called 'element' because i feel precious sans has some lovely descenders.</font>

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Another option for your design
This font its inedit and your name is "Lineare Thin"

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I think element is a great name. And thinking about how the letters might fit into a whole, I had an idea: make it unicase, with cap-form "L" and the second "e" nestled into its hole - that would amplify the "element" idea too. I guess it might go against the client's stated wish for "simplicity", but clients don't always really know what they want as much as they sound they do.


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Serifa Light (essentially Helvetica with serifs)
Agenda Thin
Benton Sans Thin

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Maybe use Titling Gothic for a bit more personality?

What are you going for?

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Condensed? Regular? Wide?

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You know this thread is quite old?

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good work takes a little time :P

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Try Terminal Dosis Light.

It's free, and it's also available as a Google Webfont.

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