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Hi all,

I'm working on a personal project for a role playing game. The work isn't going to be resold, but I want a specific look and feel. I found a font I like a lot, and was able to purchase a font that's very very similar in all but one (annoying) way. The "T" in the font I purchased is larger than "T" in the original font.

I'm comfortable (though no expert) in several drawing programs, so I found a 30 day trial of Glyph for my mac and tried to make the modifications -- but frankly the software isn't something I'm comfortable with. I tried (unsuccessfully) to find a contact method for the font's creator, but struck out there too. I was wondering if someone could help me out by making the modifications for me? I don't want to violate copyrights or anything like that -- I just know what I want and this is so close, but for this one thing. I can provide an image of what I would like it to look like, and I'd be happy to buy you a copy of the font for your own collection. Is this something someone could help me with?

Thanks so much in advance,

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What's the original font?


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Hi Hrant,

Here's a link to a document showing the original:
The font in question is the one used for the title and section headers.

The font that's "so close" is shiver_me_timbers, created by Nick Curtis.

As you can probably see, the "T" in the pdf document is in line with the rest of the characters and has a drop on the right side of the glyph. In the SMT font, the "T" is taller than the other characters and flips upwards on the right hand side of the crossbar.

Thanks in advance,

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For a one-off project, the easiest way to accomplish what you want is to convert the font to outlines in a drawing program and fiddle with the T until it looks like you want. If you attempt to modify the font itself—which, under my EULA is permitted if the modification is solely for your personal use—you will also have to modify the kerning for the font, which is based on the T looking exactly as it does.

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You might feel like you wasted your money, but in fact it's a good thing you bought the original. Satans Minions* (a PDF's "Document Properties" tells you what fonts were used) is an unauthorized clone, done by somebody else who was apparently miffed at the original "T".


BTW, the guy right above is the original designer. :-)


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No need to modify it. Someone already did: (this is the font used in the PDF).
However, if you want to do the right thing, please contact Nick ( and ask him.

Edit: I'm late like snow in june...

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Wow! Thanks everyone! Both for pointing me the way and helping me find what I wanted. Hey, if Nick benefits from the unauthorized mod in this case, then the world is working the way it should. Nick, thanks -- that's a great font you made and I'm happy to pay for it!

(I know, right? Someone happy to pay for work? Could it be true??)

Thanks again, everyone!

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If all you're doing is headlines and logos for a one time project, you don't really need to create a different font. Just create outlines of the words with the font you have and fix the T.

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