Where to find good display faces

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Where does everyone get their display typefaces? I'm looking for something unique from smaller foundries/designers (so other than linotype, fontshop, etc)

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Hype For Type has an awesome collection... but perhaps a bit too unique for some.


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I make them.

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Where does everyone get their display typefaces?

Usually from freefonts sites.

That said, Veer used to have a curated collection (used in the sense that they stopped adding new fonts to it).
You Work for Them has some of varying interestingness.
You could want to check independent font sites for news about last releases. Some examples:

Some further ruminations: http://typophile.com/node/88657

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Focussing on display only and all around stellar: http://www.photolettering.com
Also House Industries http://www.houseind.com/fonts/
Also Bold Monday http://www.boldmonday.com/en/retail_fonts/

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“Smaller” foundries licence their fonts either directly or through a reseller, or both.
The big resellers are MyFonts, Fonts.com, Veer, and FontShop.
So you can find plenty of uniqueness there.
Likewise with T-26 and Village, which could be considered smaller resellers.
The “small” foundries that only sell their own work direct from their site are quite few, e.g. H&FJ and Terminal.

To learn more, consult these books:
(Also vols. 1 & 2)

Type Navigator explains very well how the industry works.

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great thanks for all the replies. i'll look in to those

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Nick, thanks for mentioning Terminal Design. Being a one-person operation I am indeed a "small" foundry. I'd have to argue with classifying H&FJ a "small" foundry. They have quite a few employees and are probably one of the "larger" operations out there.

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I almost always start with MyFonts and then also try to search out designers and foundries directly. Of course, many of them do sell through MyFonts, so I frequently end up back there. Typographica is a good way to keep up with new font releases and locate some designers/foundries.


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