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Hey there.
Im trying to make a logo for my College project.
Its about a Advertising agency. Our concept is based on Cloud Computing and Creativity.
So the name is CloudCreative, but i couldn't find a font for my logo.
I made a symbol (unfortunately i had no time so this is the symbol:

Im trying to make the font says we are wise professionals and really skilled ones.
but more i look for the right font it seens the problem is the symbol..

And im worried about thin fonts in logos, like visibility and another trouble i can get with thin fonts, am i doing right?
Sorry for my english, and thank you very much for your help

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Your logo is too black. It will crush any typeface you place near it.

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I don't understand the connection between ad agencies and cloud computing. Can you tell us more about the concept?

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The concept we made is like one agency that can have all the solutions when needs, like the cloud computing we can have any kind of data in anywhere anytime, in the concept that represents the knowledge of the agency.

I couldn't accept the symbol so here is the new logo:

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The VE draws immediate attention. You might try removing the right side serif on the V. (Also, 'cloud' is a very popular name/image these days -- have you done a trademark search?)

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Maybe it is just me, but I thought that 'cloud' was more about hiding things.

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If you use that one font there, make sure to kern the e closer to the a or the A closer to the T. That would be a great start. Also kern the v and the e closer together. If you're going to be designing logos you need to learn to be aware of letters that are too close or far away from each other based on their shapes. When you squint it should look smooth without gaps. If there's a gap, try filling it in somehow by altering one of the letters to extend into the gap. A logo should be streamlined like an airplane that's been in a wind tunnel for some period of time.

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