Baker Signet and Garamond

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Hi everybody,
I'm designing a typography-centered blog in Russian, so picking the right fonts for it is a priority.
So far, I've decided that body text will be in an oldstyle face like Garamond Premier Pro or Arno Pro, shall see which one is rendered better by browsers.
And I need to pair it up with a sans serif font for headings. Given there's a limited choice of Cyrillic web fonts (I think I'll use Typekit), I decided to use Baker Signet. What do you guys think about such a combo?

The text is Cyrillic on purpose, since overall impression is very different from Latin

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I’m not completely sure that Baker Signet can actually qualify as a “sans serif font”…

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OK, I know, its strokes have some kind of semi-serifs, but I said "sans serif" just because it's where I started looking for a pair.

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