GRAPHIC Magazine ID!

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Can't seem to figure this out.

First guess was Futura but the "C" doesn't seem to match. I thought maybe Super Grotesk but the "G" doesn't match.

Any suggestions?

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not quite it but very, very close. thank you.
again it's that "g" and that "c"

i uploaded a better image.

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Since it's from a Graphics magazine, one might expect that they applied some graphic effort, and didn't just use a stock font. It's

Nova Proxima A Bold with a modified "R"
Futura with a modified "C"
or WhatTheFont also suggests
Softmaker Montreal Serial Xtra Bold with a very slightly modified C
but did they ever do anything original?

- Herb

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extra effort and modified of course, just looking for the closest fit.

thanks, herb.

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Nothing new but previously discussed here.

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