Logotype for etymological awareness group

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I’d love to get some advice on how to improve the balance in this one.

Etymentus stands for Etymologi & Entusiasme. It should be acceptably legible at small sizes.

It’s for part of the final project of my BA in visual communcation.


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Surely it looks vintage! ;-)
Some random impressions:
First E is not very legible.
The gap between Y and M is ETY_MENTUS huge compared to the rest.
Non-symmetric Ts lack purpose to be non-symmetric.
S looks cramped.

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Some optical pointers: horizontals look heavier then verticals, diagonals (espc. in M and N) also need adjustments to appear eqaul to the other lines. Look at you fav. monoline* sans for ques.

* kicker: it is not really as monoline as it looks.

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The area around the "Y" is too airy; try making
its left arm a vertical-plus-horizontal structure.
BTW if you use enough of all this advice make
sure you credit Typophile.


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