Interpolated Nudge, Multiple Masters

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Is there a way to modify interpolated nudge so that it works on the currently viewed master? Currently, I have to use Rearrange Master to make the weight I want to work on wt0 so that Interpolate Master works properly. Just switching to "Next Master" would be much faster and efficient.

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Miguel Sousa made a MM savvy version of the script and we sent it to Christian. Maybe you can email him and ask him if he can send it to you.


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Sorry for being so late. I have provided a updated version of the Nudge Tool in the download section at the FontLab Forum. This version is MM aware and works always on the active master. It comes in two pieces: one tool script and a modified version of the InterpolateNode module. Other tools which depend on the InterpolateNode module will also benefit from the update, if you redirect the import statements to this new version (as far as I have tested).

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Phenomenal, thank you very much!


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I came across the same problem. Be able to edit without rearrange the masters it's really nice.
There is a way to assign keyboard shortcuts for the Nudge MM to move the nodes in 10 or 100 units at time, like in the original version?

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