Searching for a beautiful serif font with elegant swashes

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for a personal project I am in search of a high-quality serif font with a beautiful swash style and nice ligatures.

One such font that I love is "Sauna", especially the swash italic style

Another font that I use to love is "Livory", with it's great shape and beautiful ligatures.
Unfortunately it has no swash style :)

So, what I am searching is a kind of hybrid version of "Sauna swash" and "Livory", a font which has a nice feminine vibrancy.


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I put a full set of Swash Caps in FF Oneleigh Pro. There is also a swash “t” which will ligate with many other lower case characters, not just “c” and “s”. It’s very good value—six multi-featured OpenType fonts for $85.

I’ve never considered it a sexualized design however, it’s just an oldstyle with somewhat traditional swashes. I see the flourishes as an extension of contrast with the roman, in mixed font settings. But perhaps roman is from Mars (the default of course) and italic from Venus, if you want to get cute or political.

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I wanted to use "vibrancy" in terms of "charisma" or "character".
I didn't know that it is only used in a sexual context, because my english isn't that good :).

FF Oneleigh has nice swashes, thanks for the tip.
But it doesn't convince me completely ... maybe there is another suggestion? :)

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My Williams Caslon Text has some of Livory's softness, though it is less mannered. It does have swashes. Only in text size for now.

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"Vibrancy" is not sexual at all.


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The term tht lumin used in his original post was 'feminine vibrancy'.

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