How '05

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Anyone planning to go to the How conference this year in Chicago?

How 05 to check it out if you have not heard.

Also, if anyone here has attended in the past, what did you think? I am considering attending the upcoming conference for the first time, but am wondering how (no pun intended) good it is.


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I spoke at a How conference in the late '90s, in Atlanta. I only knew a few people there (Matthew Carter, Tim Starback from Emigre, and the Wahlers from the TDC), which was a bit of a drag because the conference is very large and not at all intimate. It was also very much focused on graphic design, and Matthew and I gave the only two specifically type related talks. So if you're looking for something typophiliac you are probably much better off going to Typecon in New York.

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i'd like to show up since i live there and all. hoepfully get my company to help me out with the cost and enjoy a few days of some interesting happenings. i just received the schedule in the mail yesterday and havent had a chance to look much past the speakers pages yet.

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Thanks, John. I am planning to hit both How and Typecon. Should be a fun year!

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