Quick portfolio site

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I'm looking for a quick and dirty existing portfolio site.

Preferably just a white ground that images and descriptors can be loaded in.

Thank you.

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Google for

Portfolio template

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Instead of just pointing you in a direction you've probably already went, I will actually recommend something for you. You can try out Cargo Collective or Wix. I prefer Cargo because of the super simple approach to the layouts and design of the templates. Wix is decent too, and a little more fancy, but a free site through them will have ads and they are a bit slower to load.

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Depending on your comfort level and budget there are a number of options. Cargo is nice, 4ormat is another. You can try indexhibit or even a wordpress template. Places like woo themes of themeforest will have them in spades.

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thanks so much, these are the ones I was looking for.

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