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Hey, im doing a packaging project for university and i'm looking for a coding font which is suitable for body copy and possibly a heavier weight for headlines? maybe something like Replica Mono, and not so much OCR.

Any help would be great, thanks.

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Have you looked at Mark Simonson's Anonymous Pro?

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Thanks for the heads up, you wouldn't happen to know anymore? I've got a few which come with the adobe suite but im just looking to look for a few more so i can pick and choose from them.

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A lot of suggestions:
Fewer, but more focused:

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Cheers guys! the basic idea is to have code based typography for software packaging so any more would be great.. Preferably cheap or free!

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One I completely forgot about earlier is Anka/Coder.

What the Helv? What do you mean, Helvetica Monospaced?

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What? If you mean did i mean monospaced? Yes, yes i did. Just checked Helvetica monospaced there.. It's very nice indeed.

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Actually, it was Google I was interjecting at.

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