Brendel Informatik 4

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Trying to learn the original typeface for this Brendel Informatik font called Isfahan (the font names on this CD are sometimes a pun on the original typefaces' names).

As mentioned prior, there are 500 fonts on the CD and I've ID'd almost all of them as clones of still available commercial fonts and old time shareware fonts. I just identified another today, so I'm down to 6 fonts that I cannot place and kind of like.

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This time I can't help you any more than to say that I have seen this called "Highbrow" in a NovelFonts collection sold as the "Expresiv Ornate Font Collection". I have identified the real names of most fonts in that collection, but this isn't one of them that I was able to find anywhere else.

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Roger dodger. Thanks again Mike.

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You know what? Koala by Eric de Berranger is incredibly similar. Minor differences, except for the Q.

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Koala doesn't have the hand drawn eccentricities, but the general letterforms are quite similar.

Actually, every time I look at this font, the less I like it. Those eccentricities seem to have been thrown in randomly for a few letters

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