Looking out for this font for InDesign Project

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Looking out for these Pdf's below. For use in Body copy and for the main headings of a Magazine layout.

If you can recognise it let me know.



body copy.pdf55.69 KB
Titles.pdf55.69 KB
What I need to find out.pdf81.53 KB
Editorial Layout.pdf124.27 KB
Editorial Layout_Contents Page.pdf120.44 KB
Editorial Layout_3.pdf106.3 KB
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Being used in Conjunction with my logotype which is Valencia.

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Being used in conjunction with Valencia as my logotype.

The magazine layout is for a University project this week.

The body copy and title/ headings font above I think would suit my demographic. Young, urbanised women who look out for fashion trends, music and lifestyle.

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Bodoni BE & Gotham.

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Cheers for that Frank. So Gotham body copy which I have and you said Bodoni BE? Whats that?

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The copyright in the postscript generated by the pdf contains this: Copyright (c) 1991, 1992 Adobe Systems Incorporated. All Rights Reserved. Berthold Bodoni is a registered trademark of H. Berthold AG.

I find it unfortunate that even Acrobat professional does not provide that information, which is contained in the file.

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Just updated the Post, I need to find out what is commented on in the PDF I have just attached with visual examples.

Font size/ Weight
Layout style.

Read the PDF to find out more.

Cheers for the help.


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Do your own homework, mister! I gotta earn some money to feed my family.

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Being done. Just looking out to make sure its being aced.

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Ace all you want, but it aint gonna make you a better designer.

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Thank you.

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