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I’m looking for feedback on two wordmark options I’ve designed for a luxury men’s underwear brand (see details below). This is also my first post so if I’m missing any needed info I would be happy to add.

Thanks in advance!

State of Nature is a Hong Kong based underwear label that creates premium fashion forward designs for discerning men.

The aim was to create a brandmark that would visually convey the company’s focus on the customer as well as the core values of the State of Nature brand, namely, comfort, unity, exclusivity, and premium design. In addition, I wanted to create a mark that would stand out from the sea of typical marks by competing fashion labels. My solution was to focus on a universal symbol that relates to the diverse nature of all men, rather than on State of Nature itself, as a basis for a design. Using the world-renowned Vitruvian Man drawing created by Leonardo da Vinci as inspiration, I constructed a mark based on its iconic circle and square. The logo is intended to embody the relationship of geometry and human physical beauty while representing Leonardo's attempts to relate man to nature. Lastly, I created a wordmark to balance the more emotional feel of the symbol with a sense of power and stability.

For the logotype I chose Verlag as a base due to its personality, geometric look and modernist feel. I have two options for the logotype with modified ‘A’ and ‘E’ bars and angled arms on the ‘T’ to gain some ownership without unnecessary ornament. My goal was to convey a sense of gravitas in the wordmark, underscoring the strength of a brand based on the canons of proportion. The logotype also contains a classical reference within its modern design. Following the practice of classical and neo-classical inscriptions, the lettering on the identity uses the Roman “V” in place of the “U” in the word “Nature.” I hoped to strike a point of balance between the modernity of luxury underwear and the classicism of the Vitruvian Man.

State of Nature Brandmark

State of Nature Logotype Options

State of Nature Signatures

State of Nature Applications - Waistband

State of Nature Applications - Packaging

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Luxury underwear? Why not just use Trajan? Kidding.

I like the name, the use of "V" and the Vitruvian Man
idea. But the circle+square rendering seems to have
little bits that won't survive - to me you need something
simpler, and playing with negative shapes might click.

FWIW your logotype reminds me of Athleta's:
That might be a good thing though.

BTW, I'm sure you'll get much better opinions
from actual graphic designers - I myself only
make typefaces.


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