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Anyone know how the vertical metrics in a font work in a SVG file? I am reworking a couple of fonts. They gave me SVG files for testing them The font in question is a script and its descenders and ascenders were protruding the text box too far. I changed the extremes in the font, rescaled it, and also changed the vertical metrics from default settings to something that better matched the parameters of the new version of the font. Everything still adds up to 1000 units, but the descender/ascender lines are lowered.

When I loaded the new version the scale was fine, but the baseline reflected standard proportions as before so the whole font appears lower than it should. It has occurred to me that the text box is still clinging to the setting the SVG was composed of. If that's the case it may not be an issue. But if all SVG files have that same baseline ratio I may have to shift all the glyphs up.

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How are you creating the SVG font? IN the SVG font specs, there is a value for ascent and descent, so if that hasn't changed, you shouldn't see a change in the placement of the baseline

Jason C

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Thanks Jason.
It sounds like there in is the answer. The client sent me the SVG for each of the fonts for testing which I'm assuming means the text box was created via the vertical metrics of the original version.. I'm not creating the font, but am doing specific fixes and adjustments for their use. I suspect if they create a SVG file with the new font that baseline will shift to reflect the vertical metrics in the new version.

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