Font somewhat similar to Boxer Script but can't find it

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I tried WhatTheFont, Fontmatch, Identifont without success. "Boxer script" is close but

related suggestions prove it is NOT: Varsity Script, Fenway Park, Corner Store, HT Pizzeria, HT Cafe, HT Trattoria, HT Motel Peregroy, Tarantula Script, Martini, Freehand 521, Wavee Weekend, Tribeca Script, Transaxle Script Two, Santa Fe, Terital United, Parkway Hotel, Magneto Bold Extended, Magneto Bold, Fuel Script,
Deliscript Italic, Continental Railway, Kaufmann Bold, Delicate Bold, Energia Pro, HT Maison, HT Gelateria, Monoline Script, HT Osteria,

I've attached a .jpg but I sepearted the letters manually to try to help the machine code ID programs. No luck with them so far.

Any ideas?


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Thank you Giorgio Bellante. Excellent work!!!! That is exactly the correct font. I bought it and plan to use it on an upcoming project.


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