Logo for handmade leather bag brand. WIP

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I'm in the proces of designing a logo for an exclusive handmade leather bag brand. The logo must contain 'wings' and the name 'soesah'. The client is looking for a minimal approach so this is what I came up with. Geometric but still kind of organic.

I would very much appreciate your feedback, primarily on the DIN inspired custom lettering. Furthermore do you have any suggestions regarding the mark / logotype composition?

I know logotype is not yet properly kerned. This is because I first want to deal deal with the things above. :-)


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I like the overall feel; but the 'wings' look too much like three-fingered hands. Possibly having the wingtips more feathery, or at least much less rounded - maybe pointer ends at the 'top' sides.

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The type looks a bit too mechanical to me. I see it pressed into leather and think that smoother curves would look better (think more DIN 17).
Also, the lone h’s ascender could be unbalancing.

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I agree that the wings look like fingers (in a glove, maybe)

It might need some kind of point-you can even keep some sort of rounded tips if you wish.

Font feels too rigid, maybe something that is shorter/more round?
Could work at a smaller size than the wings & with less spacing.

Post an updated version soon :]

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The wings made me first think of something dead.

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Have a go through the kerning as well. /sa/ compared to /ah/ especially stands out.

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Thanks I will play with the wings some more.

More like DIN 17 is a good suggestion. I will look into it!

I will try with a smaller logotype.

Tanks for now guys. I'am very busy this week but I will post a update soon.

Yeah i know thats why I wrote: "I know logotype is not yet properly kerned." ;-)

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an update - excuse my english

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Do you like one of these better?

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I think you should use the outermost shape for all.

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Hi Riccardo,

Somebody else gave me that feedback to. I tried it but didn't like it.

But it looks like I have to try some more. Thanks.

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Sorry to be a wet blanket, but the revised wings now look to me even MORE like hands - with a pointing finger with a fingernail. For some 'feathering' examples and ideas, you might try to Google images for cartoon wings.

- Herb

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Hi Herb

Of course I did some research on google images for reference. Still I'am looking for a minimalistic, geometric but still somewhat organic approach.

Thanks for your feedback anyway. I will explore some more possibilities.

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The hands suggest handmade to me. Is that the right market?

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Hi Luma,

I haven't thought of it that way, but it is the right market.

Today I've planned working on it, so hopefully I can give you guys an update soon.

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To make the wings look less like hands, how about making them wider. You could also consider making the slope of the "arm" part of the wing steeper than that of the "feathers" part.

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try to put the wings upwards, maybe you'll see something new.

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I like the first wings better. They from like hands at work --that is how the minimalist design is achieved. But what I would like to see is a tighter gap between the wings and the text. That will somehow punctuate minimalism.

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Next week I don't have to go to school.

Time to process all your feedback!

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@timaarts: have you tried detaching the top "feathers" on your wings?

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It has been a long time since I worked on this free time project.

@litera Not yet.

Will come with an update soon.

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