Trying to find a font that looks similar to this sketch

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I am designing a logo for a client, and between my sketches I was convinced to go for a style of this kind.
The point is that I wanted to look for some typographic font that looks similar and adapt vectorially, but I kind of fall in panic, not knowing what kind of font could be called this (script maybe?) and unable to narrow down the kind of font that I need.

It would be an F, and I noticed only afterwards the similarity with the old logo of the flash (which it isn't what exactly I want because it is to thick, and I want something more elegant and slim).


old logo flash

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Obviously I thank everyone for the help, I am a bit lost in the great discipline of typography. And I love it so much!!!

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AFAIK that logo was done by Neville Brody, so you
could start by looking at the fonts he has made.

This might work out too:


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If I understood you correctly, you are basically looking for an italic f with descender. There are plenty of options. The one you sketched looks rather light and maybe from a low-contrast sans-serif family. Here is the f from Facit Italic, just as one reference:
Note that most fonts also have a character called ‘latin small letter f with hook’, which can look similar, or even identical:
It was mainly used as a currency symbol for the Dutch guilder.

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It was mainly used as a currency symbol for the Dutch guilder.

And a fond memory for old-time mac users ;-)

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Wow! Neville brody, I wouldn't have never expected that!!

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Thank you to help with the terminology, yes I need a kind of extreme italiced F with a long descender.
That is quite similar with what I want... I'll try to look some more on google, and if I do not find anything I will probably modify the type in illustrator.

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quite nice that one! mmm let me try how I can play with a serif and sans-serif one still not sure for the one I should go.

Anyway thank you very much for you help!! are those little things that help me to discover more about types.

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