Cyrillic Circus Poster on BBC News

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There is nothing special to it… This is a more or less standard form of the Cyrillic Ka in the Italian slab-serifs:

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It’s hard to see, but the arm serifs in the poster appear to be much more florid—round, and curling deeper than slab serifs.

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And I don't think top and bottom are symmetrical, either - though, yes, it is hard to see.

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But who said the top and the bottom of an Italian Ka and Zhe must be symmetrical every time?

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That's one bear of a Ka!


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Bear. Russia. Circus. I get it...

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Denis Masharov’s Bolster:

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My own take on Cyrillic Italiennes, c. 1972:

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That's gorgeous work, Maxim, And I dont even really know what I'm looking at.

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The alphabet. I made an attempt to learn it long ago, as Soviet ships did come quite often to Iceland.

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Of course this is not the entire Russian alphabet… Just some letters I drew to match the style of a magazine nameplate I designed earlier:

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