The mystery of CG Futura Maxi

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I am using CG Futura Maxi of various weights for a client and they need to purchase a legit copy for official use. While researching where this font can be purchased all I am coming across is free font sites... could this really be the source? Does anyone know the ACTUAL source of this font? And further what does CG mean? Crappy hack of a great typeface? Thanks gang!

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Thanks but it's not the CG version I have? I wonder if it will read the same?

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CG stands for Compugraphic, which made photo-typesetting equipment in the last half of the 20th century. They were bought by Agfa, which later merged with Monotype.

I have the light and demibold versions of Futura Maxi from way back. If Monotype doesn't have them, I don't know who would.

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…what does CG mean?

But it wasn’t the first to produce large x-height versions of old faces.
The phototypositor companies had been doing it for years.
(Photo-Lettering, Techni-Process, Headliners.)
Now there’s a treasure-trove for hacks of hacks.

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Thanks everyone, I think at this point the best option is go with the PL version and forget about CG. Appreciate it!

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