Hand drawn serif, circa 1900 - Seal of Massachusetts

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Current renderings of the Massachusetts state seal use a sans-serif for this motto, but it appears to have been originally drawn as a serif. The face, as drawn, is inconsistent in its style, so this might be a tall order to fill. Perhaps someone with knowledge of the period (1890-1910) might know what the illustrator was going for?

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The image is atrocious: do you have anything clearer? There's simply not enough distinctive information there. The leg of the uppercase R is usually a distinguishing feature, but it is noticeably absent in this example.

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Yes, it is a terrible image, but the only one I've been able to find. It's taken from here:


There doesn't seem to be any other published image of the original.

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Well, there is this…


As you surmised, the lettering appears to be hand-drawn and shows "Old Style" influences. With the exception of the rather clumsy single-serif C in the original, this typeface is close…


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Yes, the wikipedia svg. It has its charms, I suppose.

That Bembo ain't gonna cut it, though. I think an openface Caslon might do the trick.

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