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It's been a long while since I've been stumped by one and this one got me simply because there are far too many sites to get simple handwriting fonts like this nowadays so I have no idea where it could have originated. Unfortunately I need to find out this exact one and not similars. If anyone can help me I've attached what I'm looking for.

Thanks in advance guys!

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I think it's handwritten as duplicate letters are different shapes.

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I know that it's definitely not handwritten, as it's a variable letter that goes out to a mass market, so they use variable placements to put in the and what not. The only explanation for the different letterforms for the same letters would be that it's an opentype with ligatures & alternates turned on.

Thanks though.. any other ideas?

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Direct mail companies are devious; in witness whereof...

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Thank you Nick! Not only is the 3rd one down the exact font I needed but these are all major useful!

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Hey Nick.. do you happen to know of anymore options just like the ones you recommended above? Those vletter ones were amazing but now I'm told I need more.

Thanks for any help you could provide!

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