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Love to get some thoughts/critique on this identity for an online gift basket company. Target market is business (realtors, corporate gift giving, etc). Let me know what you think. Thanks.

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"ON THE RUN" is too small on the first version.

I like the butterfly on the second version better, but I'm not sure about the dripping oranges (at least that's what they look like to me) on the bottom halves of the wings. If you add some weight to where the bottom half of the wings connected it might help.

It's cute.

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<font class="dontLookLikeCrap">OK, thanks for the crit Scott.

Just went through some whirlwind revisions and here's the result:

Second Iteration
Second iteration

Third Iteration
Third iteration

Final Logo
Final logo

Any thoughts?</font>

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a butterfly over the strong box...
i dont know...
i think you ar looking for the esay and fast answer.
try better of work with your butterfly, redraw it.
I think is still a litle taked of a clipart.

creo que le falta vida,

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I don't know about it being the easy or fast answer. The butterfly idea was chosen over several concepts that weren't shown here. The client liked the idea of the butterfly because it is like a gift, emerging from the cocoon, etc... It sounds like you are critiquing the second layout with the more "realistic" butterfly--I did redraw the butterfly in the last item in my post--I agree that the more realistic butterfly was too easy and much too complicated for a logo, but I think the colour version simplifies and enhances the concept. The wings of the butterfly become bows on the box.

I'm open to criticism on this, but I'm not sure I understand where you are coming from. Thanks.

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Jeff I like the treatment of the last butterflies but I hate the type. I hate letterspacing for no reason. Also ask yourself will it work at the smallest size you will use it. I bet ON THE RUN will fall apart. Remember type doesn't have to justify to be a logo.

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Good point Daniel. I'll have another look at that.

I do think that stylistically (is that a word?) that tracking the letters in all caps does help with legibility and it also feels a bit more elegant. It may be possible to make 'on the run' more solid by not letterspacing it. I'll play around with it.

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I like the 'butterfly as bow' idea, but the 'on the run' concept is diminished in your newer versions. What if the butterfly was alighting on the upper-left plane of the diamond (box)? So you'd see the 'bow' from the side rather than from above? It would add some action/dynamics to the logo which would conceptually compliment 'on the run' while maintaining the bow thing. You could also add the ribbon cross back on the box. The top-down view reminds me of pinned insects in a museum.

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Good idea, Chris. Thanks.

I have played down the 'on the run' part of the identity a bit because it sort of cheapens the feel that we are trying to create for the company. However, it is there in the name, so I should likely do a better job pulling it out.

The clientele they are going after is corporate and relatively high end. The on the run part is that they are the only ones in this market to provide a complete online solution for this service.

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I don't quite get the butterfly. It seems like this would be a flower shop or gardening store or something of that nature. But if that's what the client wants...

How important is the concept of 'baskets' with this? I wonder if something hinting at the gift basket would make more sense as a tagline rather than 'on the run'?

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The baskets idea is not important. The packages will be delivered in boxes or baskets or even bags or crates, it's just that the industry is called "gift baskets"

Also, 'on the run' is not a tagline, it's actually the name of the company.

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"On the Fly" seems more appropriate.

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"I don't quite get the butterfly."

Maybe for the 'on the run' part? I'm not sure either.

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"Also, 'on the run' is not a tagline, it's actually the name of the company."

Uh...yea, I kind of messed that up.

So, it sounds like this is a company that delivers gifts quickly via orders placed online.

It also sounds like you are being asked to use the name 'gifts on the run' and an image of a 'butterfly'. If that's the case, I think you've done a good job.

However, you may have troubles with the image/type size relationship if this is for online use. I'd probably make the type the main visual and much larger in relation to the mark.

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Thanks for the comments Darrel and Tiffany.

Darrel, I also have a horizontal version for online use which makes the type much larger and more legible.

Tiffany, we had done several versions before the ones I've posted here that were like that, and the client decided she liked the more stationery bow version. I am going to look at "speeding up" the typography a bit for the final version though to get that across.

Thank you all for your comments. Much appreciated.

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It might just be me, but I don't think your latest designs say high-end gifts. Overall I get the sense of a quickie-mart. Perhaps because there's a local gas station chain called "on the run" and the rounded corner diamond box reminds me more of a traffic sign than a gift. I think Chris had some very interesting suggestions in his Feb 9th critique. The new placement of the butterfly could help emphasize the "gift emerging" concept that brought in the butterfly symbol in the first place. And I would also suggest looking at different type solutions. The type in your initial posting had a little more of a sophicated feel to it. The sans, although easy and clear to read, in it's current layout (justified, and loosely kerned) just seems stuck on. Would it be possible to intergrate the type and the mark?

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Could the type connote "on the go" more explicitly and then the butterfly be used as an accent? As if the butterfly happened to land on the type as it is on the go? Am I up in the night?

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