Sharp italic - is it similar to something?

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Few months ago I came up with an idea for a typeface. I digged through the archives and internet, to check if it is similar to something already existing. So far I did not found anything close enough. Have you seen typeface like this released?

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Very nice.
Finish this ASAP before somebody copies it.

Just make the ascenders longer or the descenders shorter.


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I second Hrant’s comments.
Some faces with angular/sharp italics include Freight, Vendetta, and, to a lesser extent, Maiola.

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Really nice!
Keep going!

Emtype 'Relato' italics share some similarities, but not entirely similar.
Also FB Proforna italics

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Very nice. I second Hrant's suggestion about the ascenders and descenders. Also, don't make the lcaunas "cut off", make them pointy (i.e. without the short horizontal segment), which will look more natural and less conspicuous.

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Tim, where are the "lacunas" exactly?


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I mean the (sort of) triangular white space. They seem to be emphasized (noticable in the q) and look like they have this very short straigt section at the end. Both of which looks quite unnatural to me, it is even drawing attention to itself.

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So those have totally flat parts? I think I see that now.
Yes, I would dump that. However I would worry about
making this design too "natural", lest it becomes yet
another boring mainstream contribution.


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The "k" doesn't need that second ink trap. Rather some slight modulation.
The "y" might follow "u" ("g").

Anyway, I like the name; Kminek means Cumin.

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Thanks for the comments.
So, I can go on with this one, that's cool :)

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It reminds me of Vesper, which could be your italic’s tame sister.

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