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I'm looking for inspiration. Are there any well-designed medical magazines/publications that you guys could recommend, that use some interesting fonts?

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Thank you. The link for the New England Journal of Medicine that you posted in that forum helped!

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My first job after leaving college was with a medical journal. I was young and wanted to change the medical-journal-world. Ahh, the arrogance of youth. Academics in general and perhaps medical academics in particular tend to be conservative by nature and, as such, would tend to respond to suggested change with "That's not the way we do it" or similar.

Fortunately I had a good grounding in straightforward, basic typography like the example cited above, and although it wasn't very exciting to do, it was gratifying when the changes were recognised as a significant improvement.

The major battle I had was not with the readers or with the contributors but with the editor who had her self-devised hierarchy of headings and sub-headings which numbered eight all told and she could easily find a case for a ninth or tenth. It took a while and a lot of flirting and buttering-up, but I at last persuaded her that four was enough.

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Matthew, this is not strictly medical-related, but between 1955 and 1968 the great Jan Tschichold was hired as graphic consultant for the pharmaceutical company Hoffmann-La Roche where he designed, among other things, their house organ. I have seen some samples in Christopher Burke's excellent book about Tschichold, and they look lika a very interesting example of corporate pharm design.

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