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Hello to everybody

i am designing a new logo/id for the design
studio i am working. So far not many things.
I started with the logo i am sending and for
the moment i'd like to have some comments
on the C-O "ligature" (espessialy about the
weight of the diagonal) and the kerning.
That's why i didn't post it on the "Logos"
forum after all. I promise as soon as i will
have a worthy collection of rough-logos i will
ask for logo-critique in the right forum.


colibri.swf (5.7 k)

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first or rather second one seems to have a logic distace between characters when comparing with "co". 3 & 4 make it more fuzzy.

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nunca fuerces las ligaduras.
a veces hay que reconocer que las cosas no resultan.
yo leo LIBRI,
Prefireo que diga COLIBR

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I agree with JP - I only see LIBRI. Try curving the bottom of the O loop upward, or cutting it off at a different angle.

- Lex

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Thank you for the comments. I know the problem and i worked a little on it.
There are some variations.

I tried to curve the bottom loop of O

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Christos, post gifs or jpgs. I can't see your swf file

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Sorry Daniel

I sent swf because you would be able to zoom in and see the curve detail
(i need to have a crit on the weight balance also).

So, there you are...



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My view is that the problem is with the top left of the
counter of O, the outside curve works well, but as it
stands I read a script lowercase s. The dot in the O
makes it more like a logo mark for Libri, and next to your
ligature I find the open counter on the R unattractive.

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Hello again

The project doesn't move too fast as you see.
We abadoned the first idea and i started
designing a "font" for the logo.

I had great problems with C and i am not sure
if i solved them.

The pseudofraktur is a quick modification
of the original letters...i think my colleagues
won't like them, but i am a kind of obssesed
with the gothic types, so i had to give a try.

I am looking forward for comments...




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I think the new concept is much better. the old C/O ligature was too cryptic. With the new design I think that the sharp one is best. It stil needs work. I am think there is too much variance in the C/o/b (C being the ligthest)

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Hi Ole

thank you for the input, but i am really
stuck here. Do you suggest a way that there could
be more harmony between C/o/b?

The form i'd like to keep is b. For the C and o
am not sure.

If you wish i could sent you the file to make
your proposals.

Here are some more efforts...


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Hi Christos. send me some vector files to work with and I will show you what I think would work. For now consider some of the monor negative space issues. Center of "o" vs. "b" . The "b has a bit more negative space, and it is open, so the form looks even larger.
I primarely use Freehand MX.

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