Save the Dates: May 7 & 8 - Next Stop on the Brand Perfect Tour

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Brand Perfect Tour is coming to San Francisco-

May 8, 2012 is the date for the sixth Brand Perfect Tour Think Tank and Design Master Classes, which brings together brands, agencies and developers in a unique forum to improve brand performance and the user experience in the digital landscape.

Prior to the main event, on May 7, Brand Perfect speakers as well as high profile brands will meet to discuss implications on brands revealed from research carried out by London-based Contagious Communications. Attendees are then invited to stay for an exclusive screening of Doug Wilson’s “Linotype: The Film.”

Both events will take place at the inspiring Children’s Creativity Museum, in the heart of San Francisco.

In 2012, The Brand Perfect Tour will travel to key cities in Europe and America, gathering the branding community to examine the challenges of delivering brands in the complex multi-channel environment. The series of events entitled “In Search of… Seamless Brand Experiences,” will address the mobile, retail and publishing sectors, delving deep into the issues that these industries face when creating and developing their brands.

The first event in San Francisco, “Adventures in Mobile,” sets the stage for communication and discovery that tackles mobile branding to deliver authentic, continuous experiences that delight consumers. Speakers, to be announced, will include technology and brand experts, who will share their successes along with their failures. Attendees will also gain hands-on insights into best practices, as they participate and contribute in the Brand Perfect Design Master Classes.

Previously, The Brand Perfect Tour visited Berlin, London, Hamburg and New York, where capacity audiences heard from branding experts such as Wolff Olins, Landor, and SomeOne; brands such as NET-A-PORTER, O2 and The Financial Times; and service developers such as Fjord and Future Platforms. All provided real-life examples, while sharing what was learned when facing difficult branding challenges in today’s evolving mobile landscape.

This year Contagious, a leading global authority on the intersection of marketing communications, consumer culture and emerging technologies, will be partnering with Brand Perfect to provide key depth and insights into branding trends for digital media.

“Contagious has been called an early warning system for the advertising industry, so we’re delighted to be involved with Brand Perfect, which promotes education around branding innovation in the digital age,” said Ed White, senior writer at Contagious.

To register, partner or speak, e-mail Keep an eye out for full program details as they are announced on or follow the Brand Perfect Tour on Twittter @brandperfect or Facebook. Check out video highlights from Brand Perfect Tour London here:.

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