What to use with Optima

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So I'm laying out a magazine. I really like Optima and I think I'd like to use it primarily for body text...but I'm having difficulty choosing a font to couple with Optima for display text and the like. I want a dynamic layout. Any thoughts/ideas?

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Is the magazine about Botox? If you want dynamism, start with
a text face that doesn't look like Michael Jackson... these days.
Sorry for being harsh - I just can't stand that vapid hag.

Trying to be positive: Do you know about Pascal? Or Legato?


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Very good thing could be said about Optima, but “dynamic” isn’t one I'd choose.
For better understanding your needs, however, we should know what type of magazine you’re talking about: topic, style, readers, etc.
Finally, the Critique section is used for showing samples upon which receive advice. Your request would be better in the Design section of the forum.

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haha wow! Well I'm sort of a design/type novice so I reckon I'm not quite as jaded as you regarding typefaces. Honestly I probably won't use Optima at this point, but I'm still curious about suggestions.

Checking out Pascal & Legato....

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OH SORRY didn't realize I was in the wrong section :) my bad

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