Portfolio Binding?

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I just designed a new portfolio. It's about 28 pages (14 x 2 sides) - 8.5 x 11.

Any tips on how to bind / present it? It is print.

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What size are the pages; also, present it how—as a paper document or an electronic one—and to whom?

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This topic has come up before. Might want to search through the archives.

My go-to simple binding system has been 'prong fasteners' which are the things you used to see in medical folders:


They look nice when bound and come apart easily to pass individual pieces around if need be.

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FWIW, everyone I talk to these days presents with an iPad.

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If it's a leave-behind piece, you might consider doing it on 11 x 17 (folded in half to become 8.5 x 11) and saddle stitch it like a magazine. It's more trouble and expense, but it's a minimalist binding that doesn't get in the way of the piece's design.

If you don't plan to leave it behind, a 3-ring binder sounds clunky but has some advantages, such as the ability to lie flat and the pages are removable (you may want to change the assortment of pages depending on the client). There are some nice ones out there if you look hard enough; a Google for "presentation binder" or similar phrases may turn up some nice ones. You'd want a custom cover.

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