typographic logo design for Jazz band

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Hi, all.

I respect your opinions; y'all are so much more competent than I, as a general rule. So I'd value your feedback on these sketches of my latest typography-based logo.

Do you "get it"? (Especially the Jazz reference.) Which option works best?


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I only 'got it' with option 3 and 4 where only the g's swap colour. Maybe if you make the g's look more like 8's (no gap). They'd still read as g's but the concept of the logo would be clearer.

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You refer not to the fact that the upper and lower circles barely touch, but to the fact that the lower circle isn't closed? Just to clarify.

Hint for those not familiar with Jazz: http://ccnmtl.columbia.edu/projects/jazzglossary/t/trading_eights.html

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Both. IMO they should look like 8's, no two circles as they would be if you just closed the gap in the lower circle, but 8's with a spine like in an S.

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I just added a fifth file to the original post. So, you mean more like that?

Does this earn a typophile stamp of approval? Even close? That would be remarkable.

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I think you should look at how it works in black and white. Then colour could be added and changed according to usage.
I like both versions of g (but the gap in the first one could use some refinement). As for treatment, I like the alternate versions (they give me the feeling of jazz), not so much the others (if you emphasise the g/8 too much, it looks gimmicky).

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3 and 4 work OK, but more colour contrast would be better.

However, the execution of the idea is a bit dry and prosaïc – is there a way you can make a more compact logo using the same concept, and/or with more style?

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Heh. Can I make something with more style? That will remain a lifelong challenge. My answer for today is: not without more training and much more practice. Or I could give money to someone competent.

I have taste, but my skills are elsewhere.

The point of the alternating colors (and yes, this works OK in b/w) is to mimic the practice of Jazz/Blues improvisers passing solos back and forth, 4 (or 8) measures at a time. Making the /g/ into an /8/ -- plus the fact that there are two of them and they can be different colors -- just helps add to it. (They traded the /8/s.) To my mind. Maybe the whole thing is too much of an inside joke.

So yeah, I like the alternating option too.

Thanks so much for the feedback. I appreciate that y'all took the time.

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Just offa my head: Run "Eights" top to bottom, sharing the 'g'. Maybe that'll nail it. *groan*

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As for treatment, I like the alternate versions (they give me the feeling of jazz), not so much the others (if you emphasise the g/8 too much, it looks gimmicky).

I'm with Riccard0.

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Hammer time.

I'm uploading 2 more to the original post. Check 'em if u wanna.

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Stacked looks nice.
I prefer the open counter 8/g.
No to the hands.

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