Any suggestions for fun and clear font for 3D purpose?

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Hello yellow,

I have a problem here - I am searching a font to write "5th birthday" - it should be fun, should be clear and good looking in 3D, as this (by the way what's the font below?).

Thanks for your time ;]

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Same vein as your sample (try asking directly to Alexander Nedelev): Sanchez (part of the /R curly final, looks pretty close), Hernandez, Tart, Spade, Ryno Slab, Rita, Ringa, Black Sabbath, Spaghetti Western, Cowboyslang, Cowboy Rodeo, Rio Grande, Farao, Champ Ultra, Old Mac Donald

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Can't see your sample.
What about Fontesque?


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Hrant, link seems to be working, thanks anyway :)

Ryuk, great suggestions, I think Sanchez, Hernandez or Ringa will be the answer for me.

Thanks once more !

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