Need to know this type font for a logo...

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I have a logo attached for Eli Thomas but I do not know the font, can someone help?

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The 'E' is likely to have been created. The rest could be any of a number of existing fonts,all with the 'A' and 'H' crossbars extended to create a unique Logotype.

Some close fonts include (these were found mostly with WhatTheFont)

Trio CT (Castle Type) the horizontal strokes are thicker
Cameo Thinline (Red Rooster) - Cameo's 'O' isn't as round
Nocturne (Scholtz Fonts) - a completely different S
and, all with similar differences
T26 Minerva
Font Bureau Condor

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I'm totally up the octal forty without a clue. Try throwing this thread into the "Type ID Board". That's the specialist group for this stuff.

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