Problem using different weights of a font

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Hi everyone

I made a family of fonts using fontlab 4.6 in MacOSX, including light, book, medium, bold and black weights and exported a Mac T1 suitcase.

The font files are ok, except by the fact that when I type something in InDesign with the black weight, for example, and then change the weight to light, the text box moves a little bit upward. I've checked the ascendents and descendents of all weights and they are the same, and I've checked in other existing fonts that this doesn't happen. What's possibly happening?


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There are several optopns for the vertical relationship of the first line of text to the top of a text box in InDesign. This can be set in Object / Text Frame Options. I believe the default is 'Ascent'. In any case, if there is even a small difference between the ascender, cap-height or x-height of two fonts, you will see different alignment if any of these options is selected. My recommendation is to use a leading or fixed value.

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in FontLab, go to Preferences / Type 1, deactivate "Use WinAscent and WinDescent as font vertical size" and generate the fonts. Please let me know if that helped.


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I did what you suggested, but the problem is still there.


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Maybe it's an Indesign problem, because I've tested the font in many other applications, including Illustrator and Photoshop, and in these applications it doesn't happen.

I've tried to change the text frame options too, but it didn't help.

I also saw that a few existing fonts have the same problem, like Linotype Univers.

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