Please Read: Typophile (TEMP)

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Change is hard.

But the Flash home page had to go. We all knew it was way past its prime.

This temporary Typophile theme you're seeing now puts us back at our roots, in a way. Since 2000, Typophile has been a vibrant community focused around these very forums. It's a community built around a love for the craft of typography and design, and these forums have been home to hundreds of thousands of conversations around type.

Don't worry, this is not the new permanent look for Typophile. It's merely a temporary state while we tighten up a new look for Typophile. Removing the Flash is the first big necessary step toward correcting a number of other bugs (file upload, anyone?) that have been plaguing us. Rather than take the site down while we get things squared away, we opted to keep it up so you can talk type while we're heads-down on the new Typophile.

Yes, we know the theme is not perfect. Go easy, make constructive suggestions and we'll make CSS tweaks as we go.

Most of all, get involved!

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A big chunk are probably illiterate (bots).


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We're at ~200,000 users, divided by ~12 years = almost 50 new users a day.

This assuming a never-changing rate of growth. I don’t think that’s the case. The peak was probably years ago. But surely spammers account for a fair number of new users.

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Between 180000 and 19000 there's 26 weeks = ~60 a day.
Between 17000 and 18000 there's 19 weeks = ~75 a day.
Between 16000 and 17000 there's 2 weeks = ~700 a day...

My hunch is it's been a roughly linear growth for a while now, with some massive bot spikes along the way.


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Could a user based spam report system work? Something along the lines of a "mark as spam" button on a users' first 10 posts? Only place I've seen something like that is youtube, but it seems to work.

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Just another wave of spams occurred, and I think that vilbel's idea would be valuable if implemented.

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I'll bet a majority of the new users are of the "what typeface is this?!?" variety, and rarely return after their typeface is identified.

I wonder if a separate resource for that could be set up. Would that be desirable?

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A separate kind of account — really, not a permanent account at all, but just permission to post — for the Type ID forum specifically.

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Not having to even set up an account to post an ID request is going to reduce the problem?!


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> Could a user based spam report system work?

This, damn it. Exactly this.

1. Add a "spam" flag to every post/comment, and let anyone with a post count over 100 use it.

2. Add an option to user's preferences to hide comments that are flagged as "spam" more than, say, 5 times. Turn this option on by default.

--- bonus ---

3. Instead of flagged/clean, let a post/comment to have 3 states - clean, possible spam, spam - with 0, 1-4 and 5+ flags respectively. When a comment is in a "possible spam" range, show it, but gray out. Also, show a "not spam" flag, so to allow undoing accidental or mischievous flagging.

4. Revoke flagging rights for those whose flagging collects too many "not spam" reversals.


1 and 2 are trivial to do, perhaps 2 hours of works if that much.

3 and 4 are more work, but that's why they are bonus.

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1 and 2 are trivial to do, perhaps 2 hours of works if that much.

Alex — Are you versed in Drupal? You should definitely e-mail Jared ( and offer those two hours.

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Kent, I am not versed in Drupal, but they are all the same. It's still be a matter of hours. I did in fact email Jared in past offering help and got no reply.

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I do hope they take you up on your kind offer.


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Hrant, I haven't offered anything. Seeing how very little gets done and what degree of communal begging it requires, I somehow doubt that me offering help would lead to anything. I don't mind helping, but I don't want to be the one driving the process.

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