Please Read: Typophile (TEMP)

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Change is hard.

But the Flash home page had to go. We all knew it was way past its prime.

This temporary Typophile theme you're seeing now puts us back at our roots, in a way. Since 2000, Typophile has been a vibrant community focused around these very forums. It's a community built around a love for the craft of typography and design, and these forums have been home to hundreds of thousands of conversations around type.

Don't worry, this is not the new permanent look for Typophile. It's merely a temporary state while we tighten up a new look for Typophile. Removing the Flash is the first big necessary step toward correcting a number of other bugs (file upload, anyone?) that have been plaguing us. Rather than take the site down while we get things squared away, we opted to keep it up so you can talk type while we're heads-down on the new Typophile.

Yes, we know the theme is not perfect. Go easy, make constructive suggestions and we'll make CSS tweaks as we go.

Most of all, get involved!

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"Speaking of layout, once a layout achieves a certain amount of hierarchical complexity, it needs to move to a sans+serif system.
This is particularly so for serif type in pixel display.
Beefy bold sans subheads for contrast with regular serif text, pretty basic.
If text is not running (e.g. small and scan mode), it is better in sans."

I love it when you talk nuts and bolts like that :}

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Please, block the Type ID "Solved IDs" subsections.
I mean, really.


At the cost of nuking them.

It will never be too soon.

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So to insert an image the image has to be hosted somewhere else on the internet? This is a hassle, but I'm sure it'll be sorted soon ;)

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On some posts (example: anchors like #new or #comment- don't work.

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>> But I would think that slightly greying the background, rather than reducing the black would be a thing to try.

I think the same. The glare comes from the bright white, not because of the black type.

Bill, Chris — Sure. But because of the way this theme is built, it’s much easier to just hack the body text. And even after hacking over all the background images in various <div>s, etc., changing the background color impacts everything else in various, sometimes unpredictable, ways.

The theory is fine. The practicality, in this case, not so much.

Besides, as I said, I’ve already got my monitor tuned down so that white is not glaring.

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I'll add my voice to the wishes for lager and darker type, and I'll add another one- a mobile friendly view. I volunteer for that one if it's needed.

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I have my monitor set where white is actually a pale grey. The type as it is on Typophile looks good to me, much better than it was a few days ago when the type was way too light.

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Speaking of Type ID Board subsections, why on earth is “Type ID FAQ and Posting Guidelines” even a subsection??

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Now the type looks grey again. Is this because the sun went down or did you guys change something (the other option is that I am a blind old coot ;-)

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It's been doing strange things for me, too. I think. Either that or my eyes are playing tricks on me.

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The Safari inspector always gives me the same color

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Just like to bring up that using something like Cufon
works fine with any browser that can run JS. Works fine with XP, too

I have no idea what kind of budget is being dedicated to this makeover, but if room could be found for Typohile to make it's own version of Cufon or Googlefonts, it would be great. Typophile would generate a lot more traffic simply for this reason, and doign this would extend Typophiles brand. As in, "Typophile, the font designers web font generator of choice"

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I think that's outside the scope of a type forum.

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The sun is up now and so is ambient room light--but not by more than one half stop [according to my camera meter].
The type looks better now in daytime. My guess is that my eyes stop down to f16 in daylight and make the type sharper ;-)

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Is Typophile really considered only a forum?

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Maybe. Define forum.


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The real question regarding that is: will something like Cufon help discussion on Typophile, by being part of Typophile?

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How do we insert images?

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To insert images, you can either put them on some other server and use a hot link or do as I did:

Notice that images that were inserted with

in older threads are not displayed any more. They are still there but the link
is no longer recognized whereas <img src="../../files/filename"> is.

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Better use <img src="/files/filename"> (I just modified the link above).

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I meant so they appear be in the post as an actual image and as “filename.png”.

And I know this is only temporary, but would it be too much trouble ask for our black text back in the meantime? As far as brightness is concerned, it’s pretty simple for the user to lower it themselves. Most of the time these days that control is right on the keyboard.

Opting towards using fashionable grey text instead of black is a sad testament that our community is moving towards fashion over function.

A moment of silence please.

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> I meant so they can be in the post and not appear as filename.png

That way, they are in the post.

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>Notice that images that were inserted with

in older threads are not displayed any more.

>And I know this is only temporary, but would it be too much trouble ask for our black text back in the meantime?

I knew Punchcut couldn't take something that worked and "improve" it to the point it wasn't FUBAR.

I'd say "shame" but they don't know what that means, and this style of "improvement" is de rigueur.

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When comments are split into groups over multiple pages -- as is the case with this thread -- it would be really nice if the 'New' flags didn't disappear from posts when loading secondary pages. In other words, is there a way to have visit tracking associated with individual pages rather than nodes?

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John — Question for you: When you visit a thread from the main forum listing, do you click on the “# new” link that appears in the Replies column? Doing so should take you to whatever page the first New (for you) comment appears on, and all subsequent New comments on that page should be so marked.

Granted, if your particular queue of New comments runs to another page, then when you click to that next page, the New designation will disappear, as you say. But in that case, I think you will know that they are all new on that continued page.

But yes, if you click through from just the thread Title link, and your New comments start on a subsequent page, then you won’t be able to find your starting point because your initial click-through will reset the system’s New flagging.

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Add page numbers to the top as well ( 1 2 3 next › last »).

If I know I want to go to a specific page (or the last post) why make me go all the way to the bottom of the page to do so?

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Kent, I've been using Typophile for years without ever realising about that feature. I always click on the subject heading. Thanks for the tip!

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Personally I'd prefer the order of posts to be newest to oldest. So, the opposite of how it is now. It would be nice to click on a topic you have been reading and have the latest posts show up at the top. Whereas now I have to scroll to the bottom of the page and click on last. Or even better, since Typophile seems to be able to track what posts we have seen, just automatically send us to the oldest new post.

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Or even better, […] just automatically send us to the oldest new post.

Rian, that’s how it works* and what Kent explained:

* except that, since the last redesign, it desn’t work in selected threads.

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Keeping track of dialogue between many people in a long and active thread with top-posting is somewhat problematic. Especially if you’re coming in a hundred posts later. Reading a giant scroll from bottom to top, which requires you to read 1 post at a time from top to bottom, can be incredibly disorienting and cumbersome. For the purposes of this forum, I believe the convention of bottom posting will stick. Top-posting tends to work better for personal correspondence, such as email, where there is only two people talking, and you know what you have already said. Or twitter/facebook where it’s mostly a feed of unrelated clips.

It is my opinion, that in the context of meaning dialogue in a forum, between many people, being able to read it from top to bottom, start to finish, to develop a logical sense of the flow of ideas and direction of conversation, bottom posting is almost essential.

This has been hotly contested here before, but I cannot find the thread.

What would be a huge, and split the difference at the same time, would be to place the “1 2 3 next› last »” at the top of the 1st page instead of the bottom.

And for the love of god, please, turn the text black, temp mode or not. Writing this has given me a headache. I can’t even see the damn edit button anymore.

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…the convention of bottom posting…

Why not have a flip option, so you can go either forward or backwards in time, like there is in email apps?

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Virtually ALL of the site's problems as well as the design and usability improvements can be addressed in a matter of several days of focused coding. I am a software developer and this is my professional opinion.

We can discuss the pony details for weeks, but if it's not a priority for Jared and other guys running the site, it will remain just that - a wish list. If you want change things, focus on Jared, not on usability :-)

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Rumor has it Typophile is/was looking for a Drupal dev.

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I’m no coder, but temp or not, I’m pretty sure it’s a matter of seconds to at least make the post text black.

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* {
color: #000 ! important;

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That would make links black too…

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I just need the darned text to be darker (and preferably a bit larger as well). This would be enough to drive me away if it continued.

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Agreed. I’m pretty much already down to checking /tracker, and if I notice the type is still grey, I don’t even bother trying to read or contribute. I just close the window and move on, hoping it will be different tomorrow.

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Am I not having this problem because my system renders type in 1-bit?


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a {
font-weight: bold ! important;
border-bottom: 1px solid #000;

Who said black links are bad? You would be able to see 'em!

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Insert image is back!


By the way, it takes more than just a few seconds to adjust the colors and the font sizes.

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And with the darkened text I can finally lean back instead of having to squint a handwidth from the screen

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Black text is ideal on paper for a number of reasons but for one, it's rare for paper to be pure white.

It's also a reflected light--not projected.

On screen, though 100% contrast is too much for most folks reading long amounts of text. Admittedly, graphic designers tend to err too far and stick #999 type on a #666 background. ;)

But it is considered customary to not use pure black text on pure white backgrounds. Darkening the background slightly or lightening the text slightly can definitely make it a lot less strenuous to read.

On a forum where text is mostly snippets here and there? Probably not a huge deal, of course.

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Darrel, a tangential question I think you can answer: are
websafe colors still relevant in any way? I actually hope
so, because it's the type of technical refinement I happen
to adore; but I have a feeling it has faded into oblivion...


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If that may be useful to someone, to get the horizontal scrollbars for pictures, this worked for me with Stylish

   .imageWrap  {
         overflow-X: scroll;
         overflow-X: auto;
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Punchcut guys:

Please, please, don't make the Comment box a
different font than what ends up in the actual post...


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The type is much better now!

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