Microsoft Font Validator

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searching didn't yield nothing on this subject so I do hope that this hasn't already been discussed.
I subcribed to msn MFV group past month and didn't receive any kind of conformation.
does nayone here have this application and is willing to share his observation about usefulness, I want to check one OT(CFF) font for any possible errors. _Is there some other utilities that does the same job?


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Microsoft Font Validtor can be used to validate all tables except the CFF table. The tools CFFchecker and OTFproof that are part of the Adobe FDK for OpenType (AFDKO) can be used to validate the OT font, including the CFF table. Also, the Apple ftxvalidator can be used for additional validation.


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<font class="dontLookLikeCrap">Hi Adam,
Thanks for great suggestions.

I'm still waiting for MFV group adimns replay, at first i thought that group might be "dead" or ms suspended development and user support for that programm.
I'l give it a try with AFDKO


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