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So I've been tasked with designing a small fashion magazine. They are on a pretty tight budget, so unfortunately I can't spend a lot on fonts.

I have Calluna for the body copy, it's a nice font and the price was right.

What I am looking for is a font for the display. Does anyone have any suggestions?

I've been experimenting with Otama e.p. ( ) but I worry that not having italics could be trouble down the road.

I've also been trying Cicle ( )

Anyway, any advice would be appreciated!

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What kind of fashion? Target audience? Style?

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Sorry, you're right, I should have been a bit more specific!

It's a fashion magazine for trendy women 18-35. It features profiles on celebrities as well as the usual fashion runway fare.

The client generally wants to keep things clean, lots of white space, simple colour palette. Hopefully that helps give you more information.

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AW Conqueror ( no italics, but enough styles to use for emphasis.

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Hmmm I actually do have Conqueror already, didn't think of trying it though. Thanks!

Actually, looking at the Conqueror specimen, I forgot it had so many different styles & ligatures. Might be worth using it since I'm hoping to keep the columns consistent but also would like some variety in the features.

Villa Didot seems interesting as well. Didot is usually the go-to style for fashion mags, is it not?

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Could try going through these resourceful links...

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