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Hey everyone,
Here are some visuals from the campaign KONY 2012 ( www.kony2012.com ), which although I don't really support it (for these reasons : http://www.wrongingrights.com/2009/03/worst-idea-ever.html and http://www.wrongingrights.com/2012/03/the-definitive-kony-2012-drinking-... ) I did however find their typography quite interesting. Can someone please help me identify it?
Thanks in advance.

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Looks like Knockout from Hoefler & Frere-Jones.

The other fonts from this site are Egyptian 505 and Rocksalt.

And no, I don't know all of them by heart, I used Whatfont

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Thx a lot ;)

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When did Knockout become available for web use? Did I miss something?

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Jeffrey is right. The H+FJ-FAQ says:

»Can I use your fonts through @font-face, or a webfont hosting service? Not yet, but webfonts from H&FJ are coming soon. Right now we're working to ensure that each of our thousands of typefaces looks as good on screen as it does in print, and can be delivered with the kind of reliability that both designers and their clients have come to expect from H&FJ. To paraphrase MCA, we’re working on it, please be patient.«

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