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Hello all! I'm currently in a package design course, and I'm redesigning Dr. Oetker's Mug Cake packaging. It's not all that bad as it is, I just needed to get a product that has a package within a package. What I'm wondering now is, what would be a good font for the product name? After strolling around the grocery store for awhile, I found that similar products (like Betty Crocker's Warm Temptations) used a sort of handwritten script font. Makes sense. They definitely give that feeling of indulgence and decadence. I even found an example of one I find suitable. But for the sake of maybe doing something different, I figured I'd ask the ultra knowledgeable bunch here for some other possible options. I want some of your smarts to rub off on me. And for the record, I can't ask my teacher. She used Bleeding Cowboys for her friend's logo.

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> a package within a package

So maybe a font where the counters
are a different shape than the outsides.
Like Ad Lib. :-)


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Ahh definitely an interesting idea! I would have never thought of going that route.

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Hoppsan! Hrant, you've just become a bible!

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Hoppsan? :O What does that mean?

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It is Norwegian or possible Swedish and means “oops”.

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Taking into consideration Fancier Script's (MyFonts) description, "Inspired by sign painters of the past," you might check out what A&S Signfonts has to offer.

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I first saw 'Hoppsan!' in a Swedish-drawn (I think) pictorial about the SR-71 Blackbird. The meaning seemed to be 'Whoopsie!' as it was used in a panel about sudden changes in altitude during course changes in very thin air.

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So that's what it means! Thanks for the clarification haha.

And thanks for the link Theo! I'll have a look see on there.

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