Creating a condensed version of FF Holmen?

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Hi Typophile,

Throughout my studies it was drilled into me to never distort/stretch a typeface. For a current project I'm creating a Luxury Magazine masthead. I'd love some feedback on what I could possibly do to create a slightly condensed version of FF Holmen.

In the above image I've just vertically stretched the typeface to create the condensed feel I'm after. Is there any corrections I should make to the anchor points? or is this something I could get away with?

Any feedback would be greatly appreciated.

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The relationship between the crossbar of the A and its thin vertical would be one place to refine. That probably will have ramifications on the V. Probably take a look at the center of the S and the width and length of horizontal and vertical serifs. This is one very rare case where stretching hasn't caused major problems, so you are lucky!

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Amateur tinkering is inappropriate for a Luxury Product.
There are plenty of condensed didone faces available for licence.
It’s 2012, not 1992.
If you want to study correct scaling of this genre, check out the Yo! fonts:

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