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I'm not sure if this is an appropriate question to ask, but since this forum is filled with informed and active designers I wanted to give it a shot.
I'm doing a CD design and the band logo is horrible, the cover art is great. Neither I as the designer or the artists wants the bands poorly designed logo to be on the cover (because it's akward and doesn't "work") but the band is dead set against either changing the logo or using a simple tpyographic solution.
The record label has agreed to print the band logo on a 4.75x4.75 clear sheet of plastic, to slip in over the artwork and I think I'm game with that - but I'm not sure of a good printer that would do it, and I'm still new to the game of printer hunting (my regular printers can't do it).

Can anyone here recommend a printer that'd probably do a 4.75" square on some thin clear plastic? Is that too specifc a question?

Kevin I. Slaughter

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Kevin, go over to Creative Pro, they are sponsored by an online printing company, maybe they will give you some ideas. Its worth a try.

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