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This is not a new release, but I want to show it to your consideration.

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The S is heavily drunk and the R’s leg feels very stiff. M doesn’t stand comfortably either.

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@J Weltin - Thanks for checking.

"The S is heavily drunk" - I understand what you mean, it's not very stable... agree ((
"the R’s leg feels very stiff" - I like it. ))) combined with the "K" & "N"
"M doesn’t stand comfortably" - not agree.

again - thanks ))))

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Take a look at Michaelangelo by Zapf. The R loses the connection of the bowl with the main stem and it makes all the difference in the world (balance)
when compared to his solution in Optima.

Possible change? :-)

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@typerror - Thanks )

Michaelangelo by Zapf has a more "handwritten" basis... It is more "humanistic"
I did not set the task of making the Capitalis Qudrata, I wanted to give "spirit" of classical Roman architecture.
My font have more elongated proportions, I also added a lower-case.

If the "R" is causing so much comment, I'm reviewing it. )))

"Possible change?" - changes are always possible )))
But likely they are be insignificant.
I repeat - I like the "power" of her leg.
"The R loses the connection of the bowl" - I like the idea, I'll try it. )))

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First off, in response to Hrants comment on another thread... I am not trying to give this a calligraphic bent. I am merely talking balance. I think the R is off in Optima and it could have helped if the join was separated. PERIOD> Now back to the other thread where, once again Hrant has misconstrued what I said!

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When did I say you were "trying to give this a calligraphic bent"?


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FO Hrant!

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This post is in the wrong forum.
Should be in Critique.

Also, many people are posting technical questions in General Discussions or Design, not Build where they belong.

I’m not a moderator BTW, but they are dropping the ball on this.

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