Help IDing These Typefaces

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Trying to id three typefaces in this image.

First - The Word "AUDION" - the closest I have found for this so far is copperplate. However, it is just not quite there.

Second - something close for the deForest script.

And Lastly the "DeFOREST Radio Co." on bottom of package.

Thanks for your help in this matter.

The image of the package is located at If the upload does not work

A little history on the package this is from 1929

Thanks for your help.


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Deforest Radio Co. looks like Broadway Condensed by American Type Founders

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Thanks However, as to the broadway condensed the Leg in the R is different.

As to the hensler and modesto. These too are close however, the apex on the A is smaller and these two typefaces also put serifs near the bottom of the U.

Thanks for your efforts though. It is getting close.


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You need to remember that this was printed before digital fonts - I looked at the 1934 ATF catalog and the R is correct except for being a bit broader on the box - this could have been caused by printing or in how the layout was created. When a digital version of Broadway was made it also added some changes I am sure. That all being said I do not think you will find a perfect match in a font today -

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Thanks. I was looking at the modern versions (Digital). Not even thinking of the historical aspects.


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