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Hello my friends at

After installing my new fonts in the system and opening Photoshop or InDesign or Illustrator and starting using my fonts, I had terrible problems with kerning facilities.

When I use "Optical" or "0" kerning options, I get a great view of my fonts but when I use "Metrics" option, I have a disgusted overlapping with letters of my fonts. You can get more about this problem in attached images. I try to check the kerning pairs in my designed fonts and find that the kerning pairs are all prepared correctly and they have no problem at all.

Could any one help me in finding a solution for this sophisticated problem.

Thank you for your time and help.

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It seems that it is a complicated problem. I do need a reply for such problem and I will be so thankful for that. It really frustrated me and made me so disappointed and I have a real impasse. Please, give me a solution and help me.

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Did you generate the fonts as TrueType TTF or Postscript OTF?

What is the UPM setting for the font?

Go to InDesign and type ‘VA’ (or any one of your problem pairs), place the cursor between the two letters and look in the Character > Kerning field. What value does it indicate (it should be given in parentheses)?

It seems like somewhere along the lines, your values are getting magnified, which suggests to me a mismatch between the units and the UPM and the format (or Adobe interpretation).

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Charles — I think one of us has misunderstood the question. I took the problem to be one where the values appear correct in the Font Creator program, but do not appear correctly when the font is set in Adobe applications.

For instance, the “VA” pair is shown in the screenshot from Font Creator with -117 kern pair value. But in the first screenshot, from Photoshop with Metrics kerning applied (i.e., the font’s native values), the “VA” pair is obviously not being interpreted as -117. Unfortunately, Photoshop won’t show you the value it’s applying in this instance. Which is why I suggested reading it out of InDesign (which the o.p. says also exhibits the problem, if I read that correctly).

Looking at the Font Creator screenshots, I'm seeing by the values that this is probably designed on a TT 2048 upm. I’m thinking that maybe through some kind of mismatch somewhere along the way, the Adobe applications are assuming that this font is set on 1000 PS upm, yet still somehow applying absolute kerning values, not relative. That’s just a wild-ass guess, which is why I was asking for more specific information to support or dispel some of my theory.

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